Web services

Need to establish a presence on the web, but not sure how to proceed? We can help!

We can do all the work from designing and developing your website, setting up hosting and domains, securing it with SSL, creating backup protocols, and even provide maintenance for it all. Or we can do just the parts you want us to do or to assist you with.

In our experience, most projects will be adjusted along the way, so we do not believe in fixed prices. We will do everything required to complete a project successfully for a fixed hourly rate, so no surprises there!

Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us at
Web design € 35,- per hour
Web development € 45,- per hour
Other activities € 50,- per hour
SLA activities € 50,- per hour
Hosting € 12,50 * per month
Domains on request
* Bronze plan. Costs for silver, gold and VPS hosting on request.